About Claire

I feel so lucky to live in the area I do, surrounded by so much inspiration. The New Forest is a unique place, and to be able to draw on its beauty is a joy.
I’ve lived here since I was 5, and my already great love of ponies and horses, sucked me into my love affair with this area.
By drawing and painting the things I love to see around me, I am hope I am able to share that feeling with you.

Self taught, I’ve been drawing and painting all my life. I’ve recently taken a few years off as my daughter was blessed with twin boys, and so, of course, I’ve taken a bit of grand paternity leave. Loved every minute. Previous to this, I initially trained and qualified as a nurse at 21, and nursed for many years, before finally the painting took over. After many local exhibitions, selling internationally, many, many commissions, and commercial work (Tuftop work top savers).
As a new venture, I’m now concentrating on just painting things and scenes I love and sharing them on my website and the various social media outlets.
I’ll be keeping up a blog of current work, and hope you’ll find that of interest, and will pop back to keep updated sometimes.

My husband and I are involved with the local communing community, which, like the forest, is a unique community, full of such interesting and lovely characters. We’ve kept and bred our own forest stock, competed in the annual point to point and helped with the autumn drifts. This is the rounding up of the ponies during the autumn months for health checks, tail marking, and taking off stock as required by the owners. The forest is a working forest, and it’s a privilege to be included in its community.

Most of my pictures are inspired by the local wildlife, stock and some of its way of life. I love the way light can make a view just so much more stunning, and love wandering around with my camera, even if it’s just my phone camera, is like a drug. When the light is right, everywhere you look is a beautiful stunning picture. I do my best to try to capture some of these moments and share them with you.
My own horses and lurchers will also appear sometimes. I just can’t resist 😄.

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